Fun and welcoming Ballet Classes for adults and children in Bangor Gwynedd suitable for beginners and experienced dancers.
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"Dance is the hidden language of the soul"
                                                 Martha Graham
Ballet Gywnedd classes are dance classes for adults and children in Bangor, Gwynedd, run by Northern Ballet School graduate and former professional dancer Rebekah Newstead .

Rebekah`s ballet classes are welcoming and designed to share a love of dance, movement and music.

They approach ballet in a contemporary fashion, creating a fusion of traditional ballet with complementary dance techniques and genres enabling them to be accessible and beneficial for differing levels of ability, experience and age.

Classes are held weekly for adults ( beginners and intermediate ) in Bangor, Gwynedd and for pre-school Toddlers at Plas Menai. Rebekah also holds classes in  Babinogion nursery , Menai Bridge.

BALLET focuses the Mind and Body. It promotes good POSTURE and enhances co-ordination, balance and MUSCLE STRENGTH whilst increasing flexibility and range of MOTION. It can help to correct body alignment, AWARENESS and self control.