Fun and welcoming Ballet Classes for adults and children in Bangor Gwynedd suitable for beginners and experienced dancers.
Cygnets and Swans

3.5/4 - first year of full time school
11:15 and 11:45 

These classes are for children who are just about to or have just started school.
They are based upon the pre-primary in dance syllabus and build upon the foundations of dance developed in the previous classes.

Through the syllabus, they will develop movement and physical skills, expression and creativity and musical sensitivity and appreciation.

The class is a more formal, teacher led environment. Parents are now asked to wait outside during class giving children a chance to develop in confidence and independence.
Classes are 30 minutes long, shorter than earlier classes due to the full concentration required during the class.

The Cygnets class is for younger children from approximately 3 1/2,  progressing on from earlier lessons and Swans is a step onwards for children up to 5 in the first year of full-time primary school, developing additional technique with a founding still based on imagination and fun.

A uniform can be purchased if you wish and Rebekah can give details in class. However, this is not essential, though it would be beneficial for girls to wear some form of skirt that can be held to learn arm positions (this isn't the case for boys). 

to wear something relaxed and comfortable to move in. However, if you wish to purchase a ballet uniform advice can be offered in class.

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